Let’s admit it, whether you liked it or not, your parents at some point in time have asked for your help in the kitchen, and one of the most common tasks they would entrust you with is of peeling garlic. Garlic forms are an integral part of most preparations across the world. From curries, stir-fries, pizza toppings, pastas, meat preparations, dips, sauces, one can find traces of garlic in all these preparations and more. There is something about its characteristic strong and pungent flavour, which is an instant mood-lifter.

Garlic can turn the blandest of dishes into a lip-smacking treat.  Garlic is also a treasure trove of health benefits. Garlic is a part of the onion family and the ‘bulb’ of this herb typically consists of 10-20 smaller sections called the ‘cloves.’ Each small clove bursting with medicinal properties, which makes garlic one of the healthiest foods to be added to one’s diet. According to the book, ‘Healing Foods’ by DK Publishing House, the star component of garlic is allicin and diallyl sulfides-sulphurous compounds that are antibacterial and antiviral in nature.

“Garlic is universally recognised for its health promoting benefits: aiding the circulatory and digestive system, lowering blood pressure, and fighting heart disease. It even helps to eliminate toxins,” noted the book Healing Foods.
No matter how much we love garlic, we have to agree that peeling them makes for quite a tedious and messy affair. The very thought of peeling garlic is often enough to drop the idea of including garlic in the first place.

We have got some easy tips and tricks on how to peel garlic in under a few minutes.

How to Peel Garlic: Shake It

This method is helpful in peeling bunch of garlic bulbs together.

1. Put a bulb of garlic on your counter. Make sure the shoots of the garlic are placing up. Now, with the bottom part of your hand, apply some pressure against the top of the bulb. This should help the cloves to separate easily.
2. You can use a hard bowl to strike against the top of the clove, too, if you think you are not able to apply desired pressure using your hand.
3. Once you have successfully separated the cloves, place them in between two metal or ceramic bowl.
4. Now, cover this bowl holding garlic clove with a lid or another bowl, held upside down. You can also throw in the cloves in a plastic container and tighten the lid from top.
5. Make sure there is enough room for the cloves to bang against each other, when you are shaking them. Which is why small to medium sized bowls work best, same goes for plastic containers.
6. Now, hold the bowl or container firmly and shake vigorously. When the garlic cloves slam against each other, the skin comes off easily.
7. As you are shaking the container, do make sure you can hear the garlic slamming against the sides of the container, this way you know that you are shaking the cloves well enough. Shake well for 4-5 minutes.
8. In the end, separate your bowls or open your bottle. Take out the cloves in a bowl. Their skins would be off. You may find some of your cloves that are still partially peeled, shake them again, until the skins come off completely.