Must-Have Camera Tools For The Adventurous You

Be it going mountain climbing or just going camping with your kids, it is great to have the right equipment for your camera to make sure that you capture those moments in your adventure that you would like to remember for a very long time.

1. Camera Bags

When you are outdoors, the best protection your camera can have is your camera bag. Choose a camera bag that can withstand rain, sand, snow and wind. But, most of all, this bag should have sufficient padding so it is able to protect your camera and all its accessories from those unexpected little bumps on other hard surfaces.

If you have a compact camera, then you might get away with a weatherproof case. SLRs, however, are a different matter. Not to mention the extra lenses, batteries, and other gears you might want to take with you.

Choose a camera bag that’s perfect for your camera’s size, along with the equipment and accessories you need to take with you. If you are going all out – like bringing multiple lenses, tripods, and external flash – then you might want to go with Lowepro or a similar bag that you can put into your main luggage for extra protection. There are also bags that have velcro interiors that you can adjust so that you could store everything inside perfectly.

If you are going somewhere where security is an utmost concern, you might also want to choose a camera bag that does not look like one and does not attract attention, especially those of thieves.

You might also want to gun for flexibility in choosing camera bags. There are camera bags that you can carry with you or wear on your chest or your waist.

2. Tripod

Tripods are an essential gear for outdoor photography, especially if you cannot trust your own hands to come up with a steady photo. Choose one that is well-built and lightweight. There are a lot of tripods available and if money is not a consideration, you can get the sturdiest ones such as the Gitzo Mountaineer.

3. Ball Heads

If you have a large camera or a heavy one, you would need ball heads to support it on your tripod. Ball heads would also allow for easy movement of the camera while it is attached to a tripod so you can capture clearer and steady photos, and have more memories of your adventures.

4. Memory Cards And Cases

When you go on an adventure or travel to a new place, it is given that you would want to take a lot of pictures. This is where a good memory card comes in really essential. Instead of lugging around your laptop to download the pictures from your camera and free up storage space for more photos, you can just buy an extra memory card or two. This will help you avoid wasting your time deleting photos from your cam or getting frustrated when you visit an attraction and realize your cam’s storage is already full.

To make sure that you do not damage your memory cards, get a durable memory card case. Choose one that has an anti-static inner material and is dust-resistant, crush-proof and shock-proof. There are also memory card cases that can hold more than one memory card so you can keep it all together in one place.

5. Flash Gear

Your adventures do not stop when the sun sets, so you might want to choose a flash gear that will allow you to take beautiful photos at night or when you have low light. The easiest way to do that is to get the appropriate strobe for your camera. For example, if you have a Nikon DSLR, you might want to get a Speedlight. If you have a Canon, there is the 580EX II Speedlite.

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